I support the owners of a broad range of businesses.

Many of my clients may feel unsure if their business is going in the right direction, they perceive an obstruction to their business growth and may be thinking of implementing change, but don’t know if the timing is right.

Some have great new ideas and need support to have them tested.

Others may be considering a significant change and want to ensure that whatever plans they implement they have a critical friend on hand to make the necessary decisions.

My role is that of enabler, supporting clients through the process of evolving their businesses.


Although my tools & processes will work in any business, there are some businesses and business owners that benefit more from us working together than others. This is why I will always offer you an initial consultation to find out whether there is scope for us working together. Give me a call on +44 07900235144 or email us at ivan@triphasebusiness.co.uk  to book your consultation and find out if you and your business qualify.

I am so confident about my systems and methods, that I guarantee results.


Yes it will!  I have a strong reputation for unique understanding and insight of most industries.

However, my clients already know the technicalities of their specific industries, so this is not always information they require from me. It’s combining what they already know with my tools, knowledge and expertise that achieve sustainable results.

Costs are dependent on the size and complexity of the business. Some packages have convenient payment terms whilst others can be subsidised.

Give me a call on +44 07900235144 or email us at ivan@triphasebusiness.co.uk  for a quote.

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