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Staff Training


You can have the best strategy money can buy, but if your employees and colleagues are not on board, your business can easily be derailed. We offer training to maximise their productivity within the company strategy.
Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

The most successful leaders, politician and athletes have coaches, because with a coach you can achieve measurably massive results. A coach pushes you and your team to break through the limitations that keep your business from reaching its potential.
Targeted Sessions

Targeted Sessions

No business is immune from change, so if you perceive an obstacle to your business success and thinking of changing direction or implementing change, but don’t know if the timing or strategy is right, this option is for you.

Thrive in hard times with a professional coach

Increasing revenue is the primary reason business owners seek out business coaching services. Optimising the key areas in your business adds massive value to your bottom line. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today.
Wealth of Experience
Caroline Obrien
Rating: 5/5

I met Ivan 7 years ago when he invited me along to a local business networking group as I was just starting out on my own new business. I have always found him a very professional and courteous man and he drew on his mentoring skills to bring many interesting topics to our meetings. He is positive and encouraging and has a wealth of experience in his field. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs help with their business strategy.

Truly Phenomenal
Kate Wilson
Rating: 5/5

Ivan is truly a phenomenal business and personal coach. He has supported me over the last 2 years with refining my business ideas and helping me on my personal development journey. He has a great wealth of knowledge and experience which he adapts and delivers in a way that suits his clients. I always feel like I have clarification and a clearer direction following our sessions. I would whole heartedly recommend Ivan at Tri-Phase Business Solutions.

Transformed Into a Sustainable Business
Zsolt Ban
Rating: 5/5

Having to work with Ivan was one of the best experience in my life. Starting initially with just an idea of a business and being a very shy person got transformed into a well defined and sustainable business and a proactive person in less than 6 months.

The focus, guidance and help that I got out of the coaching and the consulting was invaluable in all aspects of life (not just business side). I truly believe that the help and insights of Ivan can help anybody to achieve their potentials at the highest level and at the fastest pace possible.

Pushed Beyond my Comfort Zone onto Greater Success
Katarinas Surjan
Rating: 5/5

Two degrees. Two different fields of study. A job in neither.
I studied, achieved, then decided against both degrees and joined my father’s business to pursue something beyond success – legacy.

However, I needed help – I have a drive but insecurity left me somewhat directionless.

It is here that I was introduced to Tri-phase business solutions and a man who has pushed me beyond my comfort zone onto the path of greater success; Ivan Vickers – a business man, mentor and what I consider a friend.

I give this business a rating of five stars, and I do not do this lightly. I fully believe that it was through our combined efforts and mentorship that I have found a greater drive for success, a confidence in motion and a potential within myself I did not quite know existed.

Tri-phase is exactly what I needed ; a solution. In the business, spiritual and personal realm, I am on the path to success and legacy with the help of Ivan and his mentorship.

Provides Great Insight
Barry Fitzgerald
Rating: 5/5

My experience of Ivan in one on one and multi group scenarios has been a pleasure.He is diligent, honest and dedicated. A great depth and breadth of knowledge and provides great insight in a clear concise manner that gives clear direction.


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Coaching & Mentoring

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With over 20 years of multi-industry and multi-channel experience, I play a supportive role in the lives of business owners as coach and mentor, ensuring that the plans they make and the strategies they employ towards their goals are authentic and achievable.

It’s a very powerful tool to be accountable, not just for your goals but for the route you choose to achieve them. Staying ahead of the game, even with a successful track record, is one of the most challenging issues for businesses today.
Business Coach

Ivan Vickers

Business Coach

Ivan Vickers

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