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Business coaching is distinct in that it addresses the needs of both the individual and the organization they work within. This distinction makes business coaching a unique discipline within the world of coaching more broadly. Business coaches can go by many names—including executive coach, organizational coach, leadership coach, or corporate coach—yet each one focuses on the shared business goals and objectives of both the client and the organization. This dual focus separates business coaching as a distinct practice from all other kinds of coaching.

Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

Who is business coaching for?

If you are a managing directorbusiness owner or senior executive and want to:

  • make better decisions
  • set better goals and reach them faster
  • improve your business relationships

then business coaching is for you.

Why should I hire a business coach?

A coach pushes you and your team to break through the limitations that keep your business from reaching its potential. As an objective third party, a business coach will remove mental roadblocks and work with you to plan, build and implement effective strategies and methods.

Our business coaching principles span all industries & sectors

Coach vs. Consultant

Both a business coach and a consultant help solve problems in your business, but their approaches are quite different. A business coach focuses on you as an owner and leader. A business consultant focuses on the business and how it operates.

we focus on both

Evidence for Coaching

Of the 2,130 clients surveyed by the ICF (International Coaching Federation 2020 Coaching Study), over 70% reported significant improvements in the following five areas:
Self esteem / Confidence
Communication Skills
Inter-personal Skills
Work Performance


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